Web Hosting

We’ve recently completed a major upgrade to our hosting offerings. From small sites to bulk hosting for a network of sites, we can meet your needs with a custom package just for you.

Server Location

Our servers are located in downtown Los Angeles at the Telecom Center LA, adjacent to the “One Wilshire Building” in the center of the bustling telecommunications district. The area is close to a huge variety of connectivity possibilities with super high bandwidth service from numerous nationwide carriers, including fiber optic services.

We also have servers available for regional clients in Texas, New York and Florida.

Server Specifications

Our high-grade servers are optimized and configured for 99.9% uptime and maximum performance to ensure your websites load fast, have excellent response to queries and any databases or scripts execute as quickly as possible. A typical hosting server is comprised of multiple Intel Xeon processors, at least 32GB of RAM and uses Solid State (SSD) hard drives.


Need hosting help or support, just contact us at support@buzzbydesign.com.

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