The team behind our company has been involved in the design, optimization, promotion and maintenance of websites for nearly 20 years. We started in 1998, first offering website submission style services, which was the most effective promotion method at that time. We quickly moved away from submissions to full-scale search engine optimization in 2002. We have optimized and ranked hundreds of websites, all the way to top 10 and #1 rankings.

Another of our specialties is website and e-commerce design services. We specialize in building websites and complete e-commerce stores on the WordPress and Magento platforms. However, we also have extensive experience with many other platforms and languages.

Our staff also has extensive expertise and experience in creating superior quality content for websites, blogs, link building and other avenues.

Links are essential for getting your website noticed online. We are expert link builders and are always altering our link building strategies to include the latest and most effective methods. No outdated methods here.

Dozens of website owners trust us to update and maintain their websites on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When our clients need changes to their website or need any other kind of help or support, we are ready to spring into action for them. We are happy to supply references from current and longtime customers. You can also view our testimonials page for real, verified feedback from current and past clients.

Our Team

BuzzByDesign was founded and is owned by Kacey A. Donston. Connect with Kacey Donston, view her profile and read about her experience on LinkedIn. Kacey has worked in website design, development, promotion and marketing since 1998 and has an extensive skillset which also covers PPC, social media marketing, media buying, video marketing, branding, Internet marketing coaching and consulting.

Another critical member of our staff, who has been with us since the beginning, is Lydia Quinn. She is an experienced and certified SEO expert. Lydia also has a degree in journalism and either performs or oversees all of our writing work including all articles, blog content, e-books, website copy, e-commerce copywriting and content marketing pieces.

Where We Are

Our team is based on the beautiful Oregon coast, and thanks to the Internet, we are able to serve local, national and international customers.

The picture below is taken from behind the Heceta Head Lighthouse, the most photographed lighthouse in the world, located just 10 minutes to our north. Find out more about the Oregon Coast here.

More Oregon Coast Pictures

Siuslaw National Forest


Siuslaw River Bridge


Oregon Old Growth Trees


Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area


Honeyman State Park