On Page Optimization

Proper onpage SEO is critical for any website. Here’s what we will do for each of your pages:



  • Optimize site visibility with search engine friendly URL’s/filenames
  • We will shorten overly long URLs so they are more descriptive and keyword rich

Page Titles
  • Develop highly compelling and keyword descriptive page title tags
  • Keyword oriented page titles which include the target keyword for the page
  • Resolve instances of matching H1 and title content
  • Reduce or increase length of title to optimal size

Meta Descriptions
  • Descriptive and keyword optimized meta descriptions to increase click through rate
  • Revising/fixing and optimizing any duplicate meta descriptions

  • Wrap target keyword title in H1 tags
  • Removal of unnecessary/repeated H1 tags

  • Add sub topics in H2,H3, H4 tags

Internal/Outbound Links
  • Optimize internal linking structure to keep users and search engines moving deeper into the site
  • Incorporate optimized outbound links to relevant content for additional value to pages

Optimized Images
  • Add descriptive ALT tags to images to help search engines identify and evaluate images
  • Revise over-optimized ALT tags to increase organic authenticity
  • Reduce/compress image sizes to decrease page loading times

Social Signals
  • Add social sharing features to site and/or blog to allow for easier user sharing to social sites

Call to Action
  • Evaluate call to action and optimize or add if none is present

Sitemap Configuration
  • Locate and correct any errors within sitemap
  • Add sitemap if none is present

Broken Links
  • Analyze site for broken links and fix any present that could potentially lower page rankings

Content Quality
  • Develop additional keyword focused content for pages with low or no word count
  • Analysis and correction of textual content grammar and spelling issues
  • Duplicate content check plus rewriting if content is not 100% unique
  • Removal of repeated or duplicate pages or content

Keyword Optimization
  • Addition of primary and secondary keyword phrases to existing and new content
  • Identification of additional relevant keywords and integration
  • Identification and fix of any overly optimized or keyword stuffed content




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