10 Reasons to Create a Corporate Blog

1. It’s Easy

If it were difficult, but had many advantages, it would still be worth it. But no, it has many advantages and it’s really easy!

2. It’s Cheap

Or rather, it costs nothing. An internet connection and voila, in a few minutes, you have a blog ready to use without having to pay absolutely anything.

3. It Earns You Millions

Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit… But not completely. By acting as a test for reactions to new products and actions of the company, allowing the company to take informed and conscious actions avoids strategic failures and mistakes that can cost large sums and even the survival of the company.

4. It’s Near

It is nicer than a website or a business contact. It’s informal, lighter and it can even (and should) have its own humor. It not only approximates the company for its audiences (internal and external,) but also brings the audiences closer (mainly among employees).

5. It’s Interactive

The blog creates a link, a bridge between the company and its audiences. The latter can leave comments and opinions, helping you to do your own market research and allowing you to tailor your actions to create what the public really seeks.

6. It’s Your Eyes And Your Ears

Due to the aforementioned reasons (proximity and interactivity), the blog allows us to have a sense of the perception audiences have of the company, especially its employees, making it possible to identify problems or opportunities.

7. It’s Your Face

Or at least the face you’d like to be identified with. Through the blog, your company can show itself in a more positive, more intimate way, showing a more interesting side and gaining the sympathy of the public.

8. It’s Great In Critical Situations

Deflect and discourage rumors, clarify misunderstandings… Being more personal than an official statement and allowing an immediate intervention, a blog becomes an excellent tool when it comes to critical situations.

9. It’s Always of The Now

A website is a little more complicated to update, while a blog can always have the latest information. Easily and quickly post the latest news about actions, events, opportunities, etc., so that no one misses a thing.

10. A Lot of Great People Have a Blog

It is not always a good idea to follow the logic that others do, even if we must also do it, but we must know how to identify a good opportunity when we come across it.

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