Niche Directory Business Opportunity

Have a special interest or hobby? Just about everyone does. Whether you are interested in dogs, gardening, natural health, games, sewing, cooking, cars, tech, gadgets, hiking, flowers or whatever, we have a business idea for you.

It’s called a niche web directory, and it’s an easy way for anyone to start a real business, one that can make them good money with very little up-front cost.

People with specific interests are always looking for new sites that cater to their interest, but it is often difficult to find them. This is where your niche directory comes in. You will be creating a directory of websites that cater to this specific interest.

How do you make money? There are actually many ways to monetize this type of site. The main way is to sell featured listings. Many websites are willing to pay for the privilege of being listed at the top of their category, trust me on this. They want to be listed above their competitors! Depending on the niche, you can charge as much as $99 a year. Another way is to sell advertising, and since your site caters to a specific interest, the advertising dollars are likely much higher than for a general topic. You can also use affiliate links and products, CPA (cost per action) ads, ad networks or Adsense.

How long does it take to run? This is the part you may find unbelievable. Once it is set up, you need only to log in when you receive new submissions and review them. Which can be once daily or even just every week. The amount of time it will take depends on your niche, how popular it is and how successful your directory becomes. However, even at the busiest times, it is the type of business that can be run with just an hour a day, usually much less.

It does take some time and expertise to set up a professional looking and functional niche directory, and that’s where we come in. We can provide complete set-up services and training. We can even help you choose a great niche and domain for your site. We have set up several dozen of these directories and can provide examples for you to view, including directories that are making money right now.

Interested? Please use our free consultation form to express your interest and we’ll get back to you with full details and options. We will be offering this opportunity to a limited number of people, so please don’t hesitate to inquire.

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